Move of Faith… part 1

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Faith is something that has been in my mind and on my heart for a few months now… I’ll get into the reasoning behind that in part 2 of this topic.

Back in May, the Lord asked me a question that I’ve had a hard time forgetting. He asked, “Is it really obedience if you wait for everything to be lined up before you do what I asked?” This brought me face to face with my shortcomings… of course, at the time, I perceived them to be shortcomings in God! This question has everything to do with faith.

Let me share this excerpt with you from a devotional called “Spiritual Java” that I have been going through…

“It is the listening heart, in the present tense, that is ready for Heaven’s deposit of faith. The whole nature of faith implies a relationship with God that is current. The emphasis is on hearing—in the now!”

Faith is not stuffy or old… faith is very much active and vibrant… and uncomfortable. Our flesh wars with our spirit because of faith… flesh does not want to bow to the will of God. It does not want to be moved from it’s place of comfort and/or supremacy. Faith does that. It makes the flesh move (because the spirit grows!) to places it does not want to go.

There doesn’t need to be some huge act to see this… the time where the Lord asked me to talk to someone in Panera Bread… to pray for a sick camper… to ask for healing over Faye’s Dad. Perhaps these weren’t perceived as massive moves of faith, but I honestly believe that these moments are what obedience/faith is built upon. If we don’t move in the “small” moments, no way we move in the “large” moments. It takes listening ears… in the now… to move in those moments.

I hope this spurs something in you as it has spurred things in us… that’s a story for another day though 😉


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