Move of Faith… part 2

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Is it really obedience if you wait for everything to be lined up before you do what I asked?”

That’s the question that on May 19, 2012 kind of rocked our world.

We were on a plane heading to Florida to take the kids to Disney… which, man, I feel like you need a passport to get into that place… it’s like another country! Anyways, we were on the plane, and I was reading “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk. I’ve been reading that book for a solid year and I’m only on like chapter 5… it’s very meaty.

I began reading about Abraham and the fact that he was called “out of” with a promise, but not called “into” anywhere (at that moment, anyway). It was God saying, “Go, this is what I want you to do”. I began to feel like this was talking to me

We had been feeling that “Go, this is what I want you to do” for a couple of months now… a calling to leave Wildwood. It was a little exciting, but mostly, “…and do what!?” I’ve grown to love this area, and we felt no calling to leave the area… we have no desire to leave the area (love you, Philly, but nahhh). I have camping experience, but I do not want to work at another camp (Wildwood ruined me for all others!). We CERTAINLY have zero desire to leave The Freedom Center and as a matter of fact, feel like Fenton is exactly where we should be… so the question, from the time this came to the surface, was, “…and do what?”

So… I began to have serious dialogue with the Lord on our plane… while my son, Trey, was next to me, giving his McDonald’s french fries away to strangers.

“Lord, I have a wife… 2 kids… I have a dog… how is this going to work?”


“We wont have a house… where are we going to live?”

Nothing… (but I began to take the silence as answers in and of themselves)

“Ok… we’ll go, just let me line up a job and place to live and then I’ll talk with Dave (my boss).”

And thats when I got sucker punched with that question…

“Is it really obedience if you wait for everything to be lined up before you do what I asked?”

No… and it isn’t faith either.

Wildwood is pretty much all I’ve ever known ministry-wise. I came here when I was 19… worked summers… became an intern… was hired on full time to run Follow Up, then became Program Director. This is my 13th summer here… I celebrated my 20th and 30th birthdays here. I have brothers and sisters because of here. I met my wife here. My kids’ lives are here. The staff has become family here. I grew up here.

This is the most difficult decision as well as the easiest decision we’ve ever faced.

It’s difficult for all the reasons (and so many more) listed above.

It’s easy, because I know I hear the Lord, and I know what the Lord is saying. It’s this kind of thing that the little things, the little steps from part 1 of this, has prepared us for… praying for Faye’s Dad, talking to people in Panera Bread, praying with campers. The Lord has asked my family to do something, and though we don’t understand the destination, we will answer. It takes that constantly listening ear to be able to hear that… I’m not bragging on us (though, we’re sweet), but I am incredibly encouraged to see the lessons that God has prepared in us to be able to hear this.

So, Myself, Faye, Trey, Makyah… and Perry ๐Ÿ™‚ will be walking a new journey of faith come this fall. The Lord has birthed dreams in us that we are going to pursue. Very exciting, very unsure… but very confident that He will provide!

It’s one thing to talk about this, another to walk it out…

You tuck and roll after you leap, right? Just checking ๐Ÿ˜‰


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