Destination: Fenton

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

As we are entering less than a week left at Wildwood, I’ve had a lot of things go through my head…

… but one thought has been at the forefront of my mind…

Fenton… yes, Fenton, MI.

We spent the weekend at Faye’s Mom’s house celebrating my boy’s 4th birthday (good grief, I feel old). I decided to take Perry for a walk yesterday. We walked down Main St heading towards N Leroy. I was listening to a podcast and Perry tried to pee on every single house’s front lawn 🙂 Be cool, I stopped him… most of the time. I began to pay attention to the cars driving by me… the people in the cars.

The people…

I started to pray… felt urged to pray… and the coolest part…

I wanted to pray.

I walked around a very small portion of this town and wanted to pray for its people… wanted to pray for the people who want to see change… wanted to pray for the people who need change (who doesn’t?)… wanted to pray from a thankful heart that we are going to be part of this place again.

I’m not a native Fentonite, Fentonian… sorry, not sure about that one. I did not grow up in a small town, and the dynamic is still a little odd to me. All of you know each other, your parents knew each other, and their parents knew each other… if you are from a big city, you know how odd that feels to witness.

Nonetheless, I haven’t really felt an ache in my heart for a geographical location since my heart ached for Philadelphia, but its developing in me for this place. I can’t really express how amazing that feels… how “home” that feels.

Fenton, you should consider yourself in high esteem with that one 🙂 My love for Philly is the stuff of legends!

The Lord is prepping our family for some cool stuff… that I’ll get into later… but it’s all in Fenton, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

I’m so excited for this… so excited to be a part of this community.

Fenton, here we come!

  1. warrior princess katybelle says:

    I am thankful you’re part of it now too!~!!!!

  2. Myron Manns says:

    Please take care of my childhood home and the people therein. Thanks, Carl.

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