We’re Men… MANLY Men!!!

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Robin Hood: Men In Tights was one of my favorite movies as a teenager and young adult… since this is some reflections on manhood, I had to go with that title.

Of course, now I have that song stuck in my head… “We’re men, MANLY MEN, we’re men in tights, YESSSSSSSSS…” HAHAHAHAHA… It’s just the way my mind works.


This is mainly to youngish men, so if you’re reading this and you feel it doesn’t pertain to you, read it anyway, because I’m sure it does pertain to you.

As the “Filled” Men’s Conference at The Freedom Center approaches (check out the hyperlink and sign up!), I’ve been thinking about men… and specifically, young adult men.

I’m still in that age range (ain’t rid of me yet!), and I have found myself coming out of an interesting, but common, mindset that I believe this generation of young men has…

“I don’t really think about whether or not I have anything to learn from older men”

Come on… seriously… if you are considered a young adult male, you’ve rarely thought about the question of if you have anything to learn from old guys.. no offense, old guys 🙂

And if you have thought about it, the answer is normally, “I don’t care right now”. Not necessarily out of maliciousness (haha, always), but out of a genuine, “it isn’t my time to learn about the ‘next level of life’ yet”.

Oh, I beg to differ…

I was watching TV the other day, and I saw this commercial… beautiful woman, handsome guy… you know, regular marketing… but something stuck out to me that reminded me of a session at a conference I once attended. She was dressed nicely… he looked like a shmoe…

And that is targeted at you…

Yes, you, 18-32 year old male in the U.S. market.

Here’s my point… if you really look, you’ll notice that a lot… and the message, without being the message, is stay young, stay foolish, just be a kid. Fine, in some ways, when you are 18, ridiculously pathetic looking when you are 32+ (which I just so happen to be). The world wants you to stay immature… God does not.

I have been attending the Men’s Ministry gatherings on the second Monday night of every month, and found myself actually wanting to go and actually wanting to talk to these older men.

I know… shocked me too.

As I have grown in the Lord and I talk to some of these men, they know what I’m talking about… and I don’t mean that from a relatability angle, I mean that they’ve been there and done that…

…and when I think I have arrived in some way, they remind me that there is more.

I hate and love that all at the same dang time.

Now don’t get me wrong… I’d rather figure this out on my own. I’d actually rather take my lumps with little to no help and come out better on the other side.

Here’s the funny thing about that… a really common mistake about that mindset… listen to this…

Sometimes, you don’t come out better on the other side.

I have personal experiences and friends that speak truth to that.

I’m learning from these men… these men that have walked before me. These men are closer to God than I am… they have seen more of heaven than I have seen… they are better friends to God than I am.

There is nothing wrong with that… for now… but I don’t plan on it staying that way 😉

This isn’t just a call to young adult guys to sign up for the Men’s Conference this weekend, though, you should. It’s a call to understand that there is a WHOLE generation of men who are where we should want to be.

Men of that generation, be willing to TEACH us, men of this generation, be willing to LEARN.

Hey Blinkin… Did you just say Abe Lincoln? No, I said, Hey Blinkin

Heh heh… I had to add another line in there.


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