Living From…

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

If I did this on a Friday, I could’ve called it “Flashback Friday” or something, like “Wednesday Without Words”

Oh well…

Pastor Jim mentioned something during the Men’s Conference that caught my memory…

He talked about living from… which basically means that’s what you live from is what your foundation is in your life.

It made me think of how often we mistake living from and living towards…

what you are vs. what you’d like to be

I’m going to just get to the point… most Christians confuse this so horribly that NFL replacement refs would’ve made a better call (Heh heh).

Most of us fight for what we already have, fight to become what we already are…

…forgiven, free, sons, daughters

I wrote this on Facebook in February of 2009… props to Pastor Jim for being in this one too.

Hope this revelation brings peace to your life, as it did mine…

I had what I thought was an interesting thought today, so I thought I would share it…

Pastor Jim brought a solid message about adoption today. He said that some have a mindset of being an orphan even though they are adopted by God. They still live as something they are not. I had an interesting thought before he preached, that I felt flowed with this really well.

Before the message, I took the time to just write for a while as I do from time to time. As I was writing, an interesting thought came to my head. What if we live forgiveness the wrong way?


I’m not talking about holding on to stuff, or having the wrong idea of what forgiveness means. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely think people do that… of which I am guilty as charged. I know that when most people talk about “correcting” forgiveness, that is what they talk about. That is another conversation for another time.

I mean more along the lines of that I wonder if we live forgiveness from the wrong end…

I would venture to say that most think that after you do something wrong, you ask for forgiveness… personally, I just wake up in the morning and apologize to Faye… get it all out of the way right off the bat, you know?

Seriously though, that is the mindset, and part of that is undeniably true, but what if we lived from forgiveness instead of it being the thing that happens after the offense?

Follow me here… I looked up the Greek words for “forgiven” in the NT, and the most used word is “aphesis” (859). It means “pardon, release, cancellation of a debt”. Now I don’t know about you, but hasn’t that already happened for me? If I am who I claim to be, if I really believe what I claim to believe, my debt has already been cancelled, I have already been released, and my pardon has already been given to me.

Before I keep going, let me bring I John 2:1-2 to the table. I do not think that salvation makes us immediately sinless by any stretch of the imagination. The Holy Spirit through John says that if we do sin, we have an advocate in Jesus Christ (I John 2:1). In that, yes, we ask for forgiveness followed by repentance (which most of us seem to be lost to).

Ok… I wonder if we wouldn’t have to ask for forgiveness as much if we lived FROM forgiveness. Does that make sense? Forgiveness isn’t the patch after I do something wrong in the eyes of God… forgiveness is the reason that God sees me as part of Himself in the first place. Do I live from that?

Jude 1:4 talks about people using the grace of God as a reason for sin. These are pretty bad people that are being mentioned here… “ungodly persons” that have “crept in unnoticed”. I’m not saying that people who ask for forgiveness after the fact are those people, but I wonder if we grab ahold of sin more at times, because we have the mindset that forgiveness is a tool for after an offense has been committed. In that, yes, I use God’s grace as a reason to sin.

This is kind of a newish thought to me… though I am semi-embarrassed to admit that. Maybe most people know this too, and I’m later on the boat (or in the back of the bus… come one, couldn’t walk away without one racial reference).

I just wonder what it would look like if we looked at forgiveness as what my life flows from instead of the reaction I ought to have after the fact.

Just a thought…


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