The Religious Confusion of Election Day

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

I sit here on my love seat realizing that what I just typed as a title for this is a FAR more complicated title than I care to admit…

The past 24 hours have been… interesting. Before I get into the meat of this, I have some thoughts…

1. Christians… Jesus is King, you’re right… but Jesus was King last year and last week and He will be King next year and in 4 years… He would have still been King with Romney as president too… so, calm down with the “…but Jesus is King” type stuff… makes you sound like He didn’t need to be as much of a King if your guy was elected.

2. Does anyone else realize how sad I am that I have to stop tweeting about David Palmer from 24 being our next president!?!? I hope Twitter is still around in 4 years 🙂

3. Contrary to what a solid amount of people are saying… I was glad we had social media for this… I don’t know that it was handled correctly… but the connectivity of thoughts never ceases to impress me.

4. Obama supporters remind me of Michigan fans when U of M wins 😉 HAHAHAHAHA… man, I’m going to hear it about that one.

5. The Church has a really good opportunity in the next 4 years… of course, we would’ve had that no matter who was in office.

Going to break this into parts…

Voter Apathy…
I observed a solid amount of young adults that didn’t vote for various reasons. Some reasons had a bit of sense behind it… some were just plain stupid reasons. There are obvious questions that aren’t “religious” for someone that doesn’t vote.

Why do you chose to have no “voice” in the management of our nation?

Do you believe you have an opinion about the management of this nation that anyone should even entertain after yesterday?

I love that second question… I’m strongly behind the thought that if you didn’t vote, don’t say jack about the president or the way he does anything. When you engage in the process that the rest of us did… I care what you think.

Anyways… honestly, I don’t know if voting is Biblical or not. I had the opportunity to vote and didn’t for years… and I do regret that, because it adds to the perception of entitlement and apathy that my generation struggles against.

What really pushed a button was the young adult Christians that take the mindset of “God wins anyway” and “We’ll be ok because Jesus is King”. While those things are very true… you guys do READ the Bible, right?

The question I have for these people is… Do you say this because in the FAR end, you know this to be true, or because it justifies your sense of apathy towards what happens politically in this country?

The Bible says that thing are going to get worse… much worse. If those that use this thought believe that “it’ll all work out” while you are alive, you are sadly (and pathetically) mistaken.

I’m not going to go down the list, because it stops you from reading the Bible to see what I mean, but please understand… if you mean the peace you will have in the midst of insanity, cool, I’m with you. If you think, “Ehhh, we’ll all be cool”… situationally, no, no we won’t… and your optimism will burn up quickly in the face of suffering as will your unfortunately misguided ideas of what is “good” and “bad”.

I would have the greatest respect in the world for you if you said… I just don’t care or I just diet want to… disagree with you, but respect you.

Please look at the events leading up to the results of Jesus’ victory before you apathetically embrace a victory. It’ll help you appreciate that victory even more.

Jesus Didn’t Need To Be AS MUCH a King?
I want to harp on this a little more, because I understand the concept… I don’t understand the context. I mean… I guess I wanted Romney to win. I honestly cared for Obama less than I cared for him… so, that’s the reason. And for any out there that say, “Well, why vote for someone you don’t believe in… give the current president more time”… understand the foolishness of that comment, before you say it.

However, I am not going to be so disappoint that I say “…but Jesus is King”.

He is… but He wouldn’t need to be less of a King because you have a man in office that disagrees with abortion and gay marriage.

I mean… Romney isn’t even a Christian… so this values thing is even more odd to me at times for those that would use it as an excuse… though, someone that supports abortion is not cool in my book.

I understand what you mean by this… I just think we should be very careful about the context of that phrase. Jesus is King… and is no matter what… no “but” about it.

This has been fun for me… like I said, mean or not… I love seeing people’s thoughts. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, all give us insight into each other that we wouldn’t get otherwise. And if you talk about the ugliness… know that it existed before social media, it was already in hearts… and you are called to be light about it, not complain about it. You and I are incredibly privileged to be trusted with the Gospel in this age.

I will continue to pray for our nation as a whole… same as I would’ve if that other guy was voted in.


  1. LOVE that your main point circled around the “Jesus is King” comments… The passive aggressiveness and sometimes just straight hatred seems to come out of Christians every four years as the election builds. Which I always find funny. One Facebook post is furious and burn-in-hell-y, then forty minutes later there’s an apologetic post for their previous post…

    We need to know God is God. Every day, of every year. And that, like you said, He wrote down for us exactly where things are headed. The Bible doesn’t change direction depending on who is in office.

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