They Call Me Don King

Posted: November 20, 2012 in God, Religious, Thoughts, Young Adult

Growing up through the late 80’s and early 90’s, there was one man that was synonymous with boxing everywhere.

This man was recognizable, personable (albeit, sleazy), and rich rich rich… and he wasn’t even a boxer.

Don King… look him up, you’ll recognize the hair. He looks like one of those Troll dolls that somebody tasered.

Don King was a boxing promoter… maybe still is… I don’t know. His job was to hype the fight… publicity… giving the people what they want and the drama to keep it intriguing. They set up the fight, financially back the fight, and generally look out for there own interest. Don King was amazing at that for 40+ years.

My wife and I head up the Young Adult Ministry with an amazing group of leaders. Last night, we saw a unity in generations. We have talked about one of the goals for this ministry being the bridging of the generational gap. We saw steps towards that last night… an older generation imparting wisdom and knowledge to a younger generation… a younger generation receiving that and (hopefully) walking in it.

There is a divide between 20 somethings, and most people over 40. Our goal is to close that divide… to introduce spiritual fathers to spiritual sons… to introduce spiritual mothers to spiritual daughters. Think of what it would mean to walk down the hall of your church and actually know adults… think what it would feel like to talk with a young adult whose life you helped changed through prayer. That is so exciting to me!! It doesn’t happen anywhere near as much as it should (By the way, it’s VERY Biblical for that to happen!!).

What does all this have to do with Don King!?

Glad you asked… because I was trailing off đŸ™‚

Yesterday, I was going over my message. Sometimes it’s spontaneous, most times, the Lord gives me an idea, and I have to study it, walk it out, for the complete thought.

I Tweeted, I texted, I Facebooked… and now, I was going to bring truth to MAKE people want this… as much as I want this.

“Why are you trying to promote me?”

His words stopped me cold.

“How will they know if I don’t tell them?”

And it was then that I discovered that as I do this, I wasn’t trusting the Lord to do His part.

I’ll never stop alerting people that Young Adult Ministry exists (There are so many young adults and young married folks in our local Body), but I have to trust that the Lord will do His part.

I wonder how often we do that… over sell something or try to do things under our strength because we don’t trust the Lord to do His part… or maybe we are unaware of what His part even is.

It’s not my job to promote God or defend God or anything like that… I partner with God… I co-labor with Him. I cannot enter into the realm of what He does… because I cannot do what He does. I told everyone last night… what it boils down to is that you want it or you don’t. We’ll go after what we really want.

I hope this is enlightening for you… it certainly was for me.


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