Forgetting People While We Remember People

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Diseases, God, Prayer, Religious, Thoughts, Young Adult

Monday night at Young Adult Ministry, I had the pleasure of watching leaders at The Freedom Center prayer over folks who attended the gathering. It was really cool to see generations brought together… leaders of today praying over leaders of tomorrow.

As I watched this unfold, I couldn’t help but think of prayer, and the journey our family was about to take.

Last Tuesday night, Faye and I packed up the minivan, buckled in the kiddos, and made our way to the city that I was born and raised… Philadelphia, PA.

…feel free to sing the first line of “Fresh Prince of BelAir”… most do. No, I’m not from West Philly, to answer your question 🙂

My family is facing a lot of life threatening sickness right now. I’m not going to share details, because I don’t have permission for that on a public forum (some I do, some I don’t, so it’ll all stay vague), but I will say that death is becoming a possibility, if not a reality, for a few in my family. It was time to go see people.


When I found out the news of what was going on with everyone involved, I began to pray. What else should I do? What else could I do? If I had miracle elixirs (first time I’ve ever typed that word!!), everyone would have gotten a bottle or 2, but I didn’t… still don’t… so I put these people in the hands of the One who CAN do something.

We emailed people for prayer for them… texted people to pray for them… we talked to the pastors in our church… to our leadership team for Young Adult Ministry… I have a group of friends that I run stuff like this by, they were told… we wanted heaven moved!!

As we went to Philadelphia, we didn’t know what to expect. Would they all get healed? Would people come to love Jesus? Would both happen?

I sat in living rooms, by hospital beds, in rocking chairs, on sofas, stools and more… talking, laughing, listening, watching, praying, hurting, thinking… and it dawned on me that in a way, I forgot these people.

I spent a lot of time talking and texting others to pray… praying myself… but not a lot of time actually talking to them… actually praying over/with them.

It’s easy to remove yourself in that way. It’s dangerous too. It makes the life Jesus lived, in the dead middle of people… hurting, sick, needy people… that much more impressive (and a bit overwhelming) when you really look at Him.

I hope you don’t have to find that out the way I have had to find it out, but most of us would prefer to stay distant… to feign involvement from a distance… that’s not what Jesus did. How else would the world be changed?

I’m not talking about every need being met… I use to feel overwhelmed at that, but I believe the Lord shows me (and you) when to operate this way. Oh, the trial and error of those times in my life, hahaha!

One of my family members is literally surrounded by death everyday with this sickness…

“Is it hard? Hard to be around this everyday?”

They said, “Yeah, it’s really hard. Sometimes, it’s harder when it’s not you, when you have to watch other people going through death.”


Don’t forget about the people.

In the middle of praying for people… go be with people. Sometimes, we’re the ones that meet the need, or comforts the hurting, or whatever… instead of searching, hoping for someone else to do it, we should. Sometimes, we’re the phone call or the text message or the knock on the door… not hoping for another to cross their path, or for a supernatural feeling of peace or comfort (Though both are possible). Sometimes, you don’t TELL them in the hallway that you’ll pray for them, you stop right there and do it.

If you are a Believer, the power you have flowing through you is meant to be released on people… not just on your knees by your nightstand or at your kitchen table or in your car on the way to wherever.


We shouldn’t forget people while we are remembering people.


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