The Realized Dream

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Faith, God, Religious, Thoughts, Young Adult

I was on a plane to Disney World back in May when the Lord hit me with the revelation that, after 7 years (and 13 summers) it was time to move on from my job…

My house…

My comfort…

My ministry…

My authority…

That last one was an underrated part, I do admit. I hired 40 people every year, led an area of ministry that saw hundreds and hundreds of kids see the Gospel, and was known for being a leader at Wildwood. People called me boss… called me mentor… called me friend… called me authority.

That felt good… but more importantly… it was built from nothing. I’d have to build it again upon leaving. While the prospect of that was interesting, it also is a lot of work… a lot of listening… a lot of following.

The actual decision to leave Wildwood was easy. It’s what the Lord wanted us to do. All of heaven knows that I don’t always obey that easily, but this was crystal clear to me.

However, everything after that was hard.

It has been a journey of faith. People talk about faith… then there’s living it. Literally, you take a step and if God doesn’t provide… you’re homeless… penniless… jobless.

That was us… seriously… that has been us for 4 months. Every step we have taken, the Lord has provided for us… and if He didn’t, there was no back up… no fall back. We’d have been done.

We don’t talk about what we don’t know anymore concerning faith. That isn’t to say that we have “arrived” in any way, it just means that we now have actions behind the words.

Few questioned this move, to our face, at least… which I’m thankful for, because I don’t feel the need to explain myself to anyone, save my wife and kids. It didn’t make a ton of sense… I knew that, no one needed to tell me that.

…but there was only one place we wanted to be. Felt led to be.

We obeyed… and it’s with that in mind that I say this…

As of January 1st, I will be joining the pastoral staff at The Freedom Center!

Our dream… and it’s the reward for our obedience. I’m not afraid to admit or say that, because of the steps we took to get here.

I have wanted to be a pastor at The Freedom Center for what seems like forever. I can’t remember wanting anything else so badly. It’s been a dream… THE dream, really. I have wanted to serve that Body alongside the finest staff of men and women I have ever known for a long time… and now, I get to!!! So many things that I have a passion for (young adults, teaching, social media, kids, community outreach, etc) are now my “profession”.

Seriously, is this my life now!?!?

I’ve seen people type that phrase… now I get to 🙂

I’m so honored and privileged to be able to do this. The Lord birthed dreams and desires in us through this process that made this possible. As hard as a solid amount of this was… I wouldn’t change a thing. The Lord has empowered us through all that we’ve faced for this.

We left a job… left a solid life. Moved to Fenton with the only type of security being that God told us to do so… and now, everything we’ve wanted is being entrusted to us!

This is our dream… always has been.

…and now, it’s being realized.

  1. ali says:

    Congratulations Carl! Very excited for you guys. (:

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