Why Sexual Purity is Important to God

Posted: January 22, 2013 in God, Pornography, Purity, Thoughts, Young Adult

I know the title seems like a ridiculous statement to some Christians…

“Of course it’s important to God”

But I find it’s the “why?” that gets people a little tripped up… particularly people in my generation or younger.

We’ve been a generation that has been told that what we feel in this area is wrong.

“You want to have sex with her!? Bro, you have to give that to God.”

“You are struggling with being attracted to other women!? Girl, you need to put that out of your mind!”

Valid points… here is a different spin…

The foundation of what they feel is right… the context is wrong.

You and I were CREATED for intimacy between us and the Father and between each other. The desire is in you… the desire isn’t wrong… unless it becomes an act out of context.

Genesis 1:27-28… God created man and woman… he blessed them (married them)… and said, “Go have fun, kids… (wink, wink).”

This is the context, and when the creator of relationships, sex, and pleasure creates boundaries to go with those things, in what world is it ok to walk outside of those boundaries?

Now, I agree… sex before marriage isn’t what God wants. Homosexuality isn’t something that God is overly thrilled about (Of course, He doesn’t like it when we steal or lie or act like chumps to each other either), but the root of those desires… to be loved, to be accepted, to be sexually desired and to sexually desire… is absolutely what you and I were created to feel.

Song of Solomon 2:7… Don’t awaken love before its time.

That phrase is found 3 times in Song of Solomon, and every time, the woman is describing her man beforehand.

The natural reaction to love between a man and a woman is sexual desire.

Sex in the right context.

She asks that these women, the daughters of Jerusalem, to help her not to awaken this passion before its time.

“Please help me to not act on this desire before we are married.”


Romans 13:13-14… 2 Corinthians 12:21… Galatians 5:19… Ephesians 4:17-20… Stop sleeping around!!!

A lot of folks in our generation feel that the Church’s view of purity is outdated and culturally irrelevant.

I actually agree with that…

…but that doesn’t make the view wrong.

It’s outdated and culturally irrelevant in that our society today doesn’t embrace (more than ever) what the Church holds to be the truth about sex and sexuality.

God is viewed as a dictator, and Christians are viewed as naive and prudish.

Really dig in to those 4 passages and you won’t see a dictator, a prude, or a God who is naive… you actually see a God that desperately wants YOU by His side.

“Child, if you do these things, you can’t have Me and all that I have to offer you.”

“Please don’t do this… love Me more”

We’ll always pursue most what we love most… always.

Don’t care how much you want to stay pure… if you love not being pure more… that’s what you’ll run after.

Please understand my heart, and more importantly, the Lord’s heart in this.

Purity is important to Him, because He is the creator of the context of sexuality. To act outside of it is to tell the author what he meant by his book… to tell the artist what he meant by his creation.

It doesn’t make sense.

The root of what you are feeling isn’t wrong… when you act outside of the Creator’s context for your feelings of intimacy, that is wrong.

Be encouraged! He loves you and I enough to give us the guidelines to stay close to Him!

Hope this challenges you!


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