Disturbing Trends, Comforting Revelation

Posted: February 2, 2013 in 2013, Faith, Future, God, Religious, Thoughts, Young Adult

This is probably the most controversial blog post I’ve decided to write to date…

At least, it’s the first one that I have actually taken pause at writing, because of public perception.

That’s never stopped me before, so why now 😉

I sat on my couch a few days ago and listened to the backlash that San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver received for his “anti-homosexual” remarks.

Now granted, tact is definitely lacking in this fella. His remarks definitely could’ve been formed differently… as could the remarks of SO many that have found its way to the media.

It brought up thoughts though…

Thoughts about Louie Giglio “stepping down” from the Presidential Inauguration prayer he was to give…

Thoughts about the direction of our country…

I am not ok with people demeaning a person. I listened to a man preach a sermon and talk about how homosexuals were “just nasty”… he definitely said it in a hood way too… more emphasis that way? I don’t know… I don’t think there is a “special place in hell” for people who embrace homosexuality. I view it like any other struggle. Christians have generally been too hostile concerning this subject.

What I have noticed… and this is the troubling part… is that in an extremely diverse country… with hundreds of millions of opinions… and tolerance preached on every corner… that the opinion of disagreeing with the lifestyle of homosexuals is now viewed as hate.



What I thought was interesting about both of those stories is the lack of conflicting opinions. No one stood up for the right for either of these men to have these opinions. The opinions were just viewed as wrong… like they were saying that 2+2=37.

Put aside the Biblical point of view (Odd as it is to say that for me) for a second and understand that tolerance and acceptance can only happen on the terms of the majority.

You know… Believers haven’t done a great job with that either. Sometimes, we can annihilate folks for believing something different than us. Shoot, we do it to each other sometimes and we believe the same things!

Belief can be passionate… extremely passionate. Don’t ever underestimate that fact.

Now, here’s where I am going to get passionate.




I am getting a bit perturbed at this… and all minorities and women should consider the language being used here.

My father is black and my mother is white… my wife is a woman… we were born into that as an identity. I don’t feel mixed… my wife doesn’t feel woman… she IS a woman… I AM mixed.

The vocabulary being used here is getting a little old to me. I’m questioning the validity of hearing sexual discrimination being lumped into the same arguments as racial and gender discrimination.

I don’t think it’s the same… and the fight that those who came before my wife and my Dad is also not the same.

… and for all who say that you are born with it, all I ask for is for proof that doesn’t start with http://www.wikipedia.com.

Anyway… this isn’t a post about that. Though, I’m sure I will hear about that 🙂 It’s a post about not being surprised… about being comforted.

Christians, you know this is Biblical, right? The beginnings of the intolerance toward our points of view… very very Biblical, and it will get much worse.

If you actually read the Bible, a lot of what we are seeing shouldn’t come as a shock to you.

Not only should this not come as a shock to you, but you and I are going to be forced to make choices very soon because of it (If you haven’t had to already).

Do I water down truth to be accepted?

Do I hide my light when it isn’t convenient?

Should I just live and not even really mention Jesus?

Do I ignore what the Bible/Holy Spirit says in order to seem more culturally relevant?

This is when we will see followers of Jesus separate from Christians.

I understand that some may focus in on what I am saying about homosexuality and not go any further than that… that’s fine… your choice. This isn’t just about our view on that… it’s about our point of view as a whole as well.

Be encouraged, Church… the momentary sufferings are preparing something much better for you and I. It’s about love… He was not embarrassed to go through what He went through for me. I hope I will not be for Him!

Remember to love people in the midst of all of this! Jesus did…

  1. truth seeker says:

    Thank you for speaking Love. He will be glorified.

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