30 Day Blogrimage: Day 1… Background

Posted: March 4, 2013 in blogrimage, Uncategorized

I’m doing a 30 day blogrimage where I write about something for 30 days straight…

My own family can’t even bear to hear my mouth for 30 days straight, so I feel for you…

My bad, I digress.

I’m 12 days in on a 40 day fast from all food. I figured I’d write about my experience, because really, who on earth does this anymore!?


I went to a conference in Phoenix, AZ a few weeks ago, and there was a lot of stuff that God told me. Stuff about the Young Adult Ministry at The Freedom Center. Stuff about me, personally. Stuff about dreams and direction.

It is all too much for me to process… like trying to take a drink from that gigantic bucket of water at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City while it drops on top of you. Yeah, I’d get some water… and then I’d kind of drown.

The best way I know how to sort stuff out in me is by removing other stuff in me… fasting.

God has used fasting to help me overcome so much… pornography, self-hatred, lying… you are literally at war with yourself, and somehow, someway, in the midst of the chaos of your body crying out for something, ANYTHING… there is clarity. It works for me, anyway.

I laugh inwardly at people who have no interest in fasting or think we don’t HAVE to fast… you don’t know what you are missing. Yes, that was a challenge.

So… I find myself in a familiar place again. A place of hearing my stomach growl constantly, a place of my son attempting to shove food in my mouth while I spit it out without him noticing, a place of having the honest temptation to lick the top of a salt shaker, a place where my body BEGS me to give in… and I would genuinely love to oblige! Yet, it’s a place where I know that clarity is right around the corner.

Thanks for reading along in this. Love you… even if I don’t know you 🙂

  1. Love this. Looking forward to more.

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