30 Day Blogrimage: Day 2… Sagebrush, How I Love and Loath You!

Posted: March 5, 2013 in blogrimage, Uncategorized

My wife swears by The Sagebrush Catina here in Fenton. It is quite the wonderful little Mexican restaurant.

Their Super Burrito is literally the size of my head… and I have deep feelings of affection for them because of that fact.

Keep in mind 2 things as I write this…

1. I haven’t eaten anything in 13 days. Like, nothing.

2. I’m a big fella… 6’3″, 300lbs… so to lug this around for that long without food in me is like trying to drive a Chevy Suburban from here to California when the gas light just came on.

I walked into the church office today and I was greeted by, to most people, the glorious smell of Sagebrush.

I, on the other hand, wanted to cut my nose off my face.

I don’t expect anyone to change their regular habits because of what I am doing. People feel odd around me when they eat and I don’t… I do not feel odd sitting there while everyone around me eats.

I go to breakfast meetings, order a hot green tea, and drink away.

I have my Nalgene… alternating between Gatorade and water throughout the day, as I do lunch or they snack.

I sit and drink water while my wife and kids eat their dinner.

Consequently, my record for trips to the bathroom in a day so far is 17.

Anyways, the smell of Sagebrush, once glorious, made my stomach howl and it continued to howl most of the day.

I don’t know how many of you struggled or do struggle with addiction… I have… and the feeling the rest of the day has been really familiar.



This is the chaos that happens at times that I talked about yesterday. It’s at these points that will power, though romantic, isn’t enough.

It’s also at these points that the reason for me doing this is at it’s freshest.

It’s not about me… this is an act of worship to God. An offering to Him… and even though it’s hard, I can say that I am genuinely grateful to offer it.

He doesn’t DEMAND this… I want to give it, and in doing so, I feel closer to Him.

All in all… good day.


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