30 Day Blogrimage: Day 3… I knew I shouldn’t, but…

Posted: March 6, 2013 in blogrimage, Uncategorized

I have this bad habit of wanting filler. A smoothie… some type of frappe… something with more substance than liquid.

I know that I shouldn’t… it isn’t that it’s bad or evil or anything… I just know that it’s a comfort, not a necessity.

I’ve asked my wife, Faye, to keep me accountable with that recently.

She wasn’t around for my poor decision making when I went to the store last night… so needless to say, this is her fault 😉 Unless you are reading this, Love… in that case, I love you very much and you’re the best and J.D. Wiegand got a hold of my phone and wrote that other part.

I stopped at McDonalds after going to the store and as I was thinking of order a sweet tea, I found myself asking, “What kind if blended coffee drinks do you have?” The drive thru woman told me, and I decided to order a medium Caramel Frappe.

Let me pause and say that I have learned, at this point in a lengthy fast, that about the 2 worst things that I can ingest are dairy and coffee… and I decided to order a drink that contained both… because of Faye… STOP WRITING THAT, J.D.

So, I drank my frappe, and it was glorious… I loved it. I love caramel. Agape love, not phileo love. A little Gospel of John humor there for you.

I loved it until about 10:45pm… then I didn’t love it so much. I also have not loved it this morning either.

Did I break fast with a drink? No… it’s a drink, but without being “hyper-spiritual”, the Lord has revealed a few things to me this morning.

1. I need my wife… just sayin’

2. There are things that I would define as good… that seem as though they are within the boundaries of God’s desires, but the more sensitive to His Spirit that I become, the more that even those things hurt me.

3. I am sad to leave Caramel Frappes behind for the next 20 some odd days, but it’s not worth this pain. Neither will the things be that fade off of me in this process… will I be sad in the moment, possibly, but I want to be able, like Paul, to say that I count everything as loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.

That’s all I got… enjoy the day!


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