30 Day Blogrimage: Days 4 and 5… Nothin’ Changes but You

Posted: March 8, 2013 in blogrimage, Uncategorized

I missed yesterday, my bad… jam packed day.

I was copying down my calendar of appointments from my iPad on to my desk calendar as the day closed yesterday.

I figure, if no one knows where I am, they can look at that and see. Unless its Faye, I tend not to answer the phone when I’m talking with people. Now you know 🙂

I was looking at my personal appointments, and I realized that we have dinners with people every night for the next 5 days.


When I said earlier that I don’t expect people to change their habits because of me doing this, I meant it. I don’t want accommodation… that defeats the purpose. Well, one of the purposes, anyway.

However… it isn’t exactly high on my priority list to put myself in situations where I have no choice but to stare at people as they eat.

I can see why folks feel awkward.

One of the most difficult things about fasting is that life continues to go on around you… and food is a MASSIVE part of life.

Nothing changes other than you…

People still want to be around you and you still want to be with people…

Food is still my love language, and coffee is still the ideal thing to discuss stuff over…

See my last blog on why coffee is no longer an option for me… which, I had a cup yesterday… I know, I’m a fool sometimes.

When I feel like I’m supposed to fast, I try to pick low holiday months, and times where it might be slower in the “lets get together” department.

But… it’s inevitable… and I don’t mind that… it is what it is.

As a follower of Jesus, it kind of reminded me of what life can be like.

Things don’t “stop” because I know Jesus… and at times, it’s very tempting to remove myself from the everyday happenings of life. As a matter of fact, we do a really good job of that… many have a “church=Christian Country Club” mentality.

I’m not meant to separate myself from life around me. Jesus dined with the tax collectors and sinners in Mark 2. He didn’t separate Himself from people who needed Him.

Don’t separate yourself from the life around you… live your NEW life so as to enhance life around you!



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