30 Day Blogrimage: Days 12-13… Looking Ahead

Posted: March 16, 2013 in blogrimage, Uncategorized

I definitely accidentally deleted my last entry about praying with my son… forgive me, but I don’t feel like typing all of that out again, so feel free to ask me about it if you haven’t heard it. Super cool story…

Yesterday and today, I have found myself thinking more and more about when this fast will be over.

Not in a “sit in the corner all feral child style burying my face in a cheesecake” way, but in a more practical, “your body is a temple” way.

I’ve said it before, I’m a big fella. Right now, I’m a little less of a big fella, but a big fella nonetheless. Whenever I fast, I become more aware of that then ever… I also become aware of the spiritual context of that.

The idolatry of food that I (and many) have.

The laziness in cooking so that I have become a slave to “convenience”.

The lack of a priority that working out has become.

Don’t get me started on eating out…

Let me stop here and talk about weight for a second… maybe it’s because of my height and the fact that though I’m big, I’m definitely not built to be small (270lbs is where I look my best), but not many people joke with me about weight unless I initiate it, which I’m fine with doing. To be honest, and please don’t take this as me being hostile, I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of my body. I respect folks that care because being large can be an unhealthy lifestyle choice (for many, it is a choice, for many, not so easy), but regardless, I am very comfortable in my skin.

A lot of people pass judgement and make jokes and junk like that. I see it in our society all the time. Some people have a hard time losing weight and changing their lifestyle… you try getting your shortcomings made fun of… it isn’t fun.

Be sensitive, folks… surface issues can have complicated roots.

Anyways, spiritual context… taking care of my body is being a good steward. I want to be around to see Trey and Makyah and whoever else that isn’t a twinkle in Faye and I’s eyes yet live their life.

That is absolutely spiritual.

I love Rocco DiSpirito! I have 2 of his cookbooks. He did an awesome one called “Now Eat This!” where he takes comfort foods and makes them healthy. It is good good stuff.

I found myself looking at it and planning for what comes next. Thinking about how after this is done, I don’t want to be the same physically…

Nor do I spiritually… there are things that I see that I don’t want to become desensitized to again. I have found myself wanting to read and pray more with Faye… wanting to be a part of a culture of prayer myself (I mean, what else do you do while everyone else is eating, right?)… wanting to keep this passion and desire to be like Jesus and help others be like Him too.

There are just a solid amount of things that I don’t want to go back to…

I love fasting… not at all fond of the process… love the revelation. I HIGHLY recommend doing a lengthy fast. It’s an underrated, untalked about part of our walk with Jesus. It helps us to see clearly… even when we think we already do.

Look up Rocco DiSpirito too 🙂


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