The Clara Climax in the Story of Loving Extravagantly

Posted: April 20, 2013 in 2013, Faith, God, Love, Religious, Thoughts, Uncategorized

Faye and I have discussed adoption. We will adopt one day in the not too distant future. It was on Faye’s heart before we were married, and while I had never really thought about it, the Lord brings people into our home and hearts and has been showing me the intricacies of love.

Dave and Tami Kromer… and their kids Ray, Dean, Lillie, Josh, and Lydia… recently adopted a precious little girl named Clara.

Clara was born without a brain.

To be honest, the question “Why would they do that?” never crossed my mind. This is the type of family that would do that. This is the type of family that, when you know them, you understand that the answer is Jesus.

I’ve watched them love this little girl, and by extension, bring people face to face with what love is.

As I have thought about what they have done, I can’t help but think about what I would do.

Would I be able to adopt a little girl knowing that she would die soon?

Would I be able to adopt a little girl and fully love her knowing that she would die soon?

Would I be able to adopt a little girl and fully love her and never tangibly know if she was ever receiving that love knowing that she would die soon?

Man… Father help me, but no… not yet anyway.

On Tuesday April 16th at 11:50am, Clara saw Jesus face to face… literally. She never knew hurt… sin… emotional insecurity… debt… etc.

Most of the pastoral staff at TFC went to see the Kromers that day. I was going to see that little girl… I thought “I’m going to freak at the sight of a dead infant.”

She looked normal… like she always had.

I didn’t freak…

I was sad for them… for us… but I was happy for her.

I spent a lot of the day thinking. The Lord hit me with a crazy thought…

“Imagine how I feel”

I had been thinking about those questions that I wrote above.

“What do you mean?”

I didn’t actually have this dialogue with God, by the way. Do you know how it feels when a conversation is had without actually having it? It’s like a zip drive… this is me extracting everything for your sake đŸ™‚

“I love fully and extravagantly knowing the outcome.”


I thought that the whole “imagine how I feel” deal was going to be a revelation of frustration. Isn’t that what people say when they want you to relate to their frustration (that apparently is greater than yours) on a matter?

He isn’t people… He is God… and God wants me to imagine what it would be like, not to be frustrated at unreciprocated or ignored love, but to love fully and extravagantly simply because people ARE!


God knows that some will ignore His love and die never knowing it.

God knows that some will ignore His love and FINALLY see it when it’s too late to show others that love. Faye’s Dad was this.

God knows that some will accept His love… only to ignore it or abuse it or stop ourselves from REALLY grasping it or whatever else from time to time. I am this.

God knows all of this… yet it is not frustration that He shows… the full measure of love is what He shows.

He does not hold back knowing the outcome. He loves those that will never love Him… that don’t know it’s better to love Him… as much as He loves those who are “Christians”.

This little girl’s life is a revelation.

It’s the climax in a story about love.

It’s the lesson that love isn’t about reciprocation or ease or (just) feelings.

We love… because He loves.



I know I don’t come close to fully grasping this revelation… but I, and now you, have the knowledge.

We’re now responsible for it.



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